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Birthstone Friday – A Little Emerald Lore

Gemstone crystals can connect us to the earth. But can they heal? Photo Somakram @ Dreamstime.com

If you need a reason to own your emerald birthstone, besides the beautiful color and rich history, you might think about its self-improvement properties.

Cramming for exams? Preparing for a big sales presentation? Dating a new love interest? Wearing an emerald might help boost your memory, give you the gift of gab, or let you know if that new someone is telling you the truth or not.

According to Caryl Haxworth, at Charms of Light, emeralds can be a worthwhile stone to have on your side, after you find out if that special someone is on the up-and-up, as they can help promote loyalty, unity and bliss in the relationship, give you a sign (by changing color) that the relationship is not as stable as you thought, and heal the heart if that new love breaks it after all.

If you’d like to see the future of your sales presentation, you might hold an emerald under your tongue. Just don’t do that while making your sales pitch….


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