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Eden Beach Main Street Novels

Trust Not the Heart: An Eden Beach Main Street Novel

Eden Beach, California, custom jeweler, Cassie Franklin, is ready to risk it all to save her business from greedy realtor, Carla Towne. But when Tate Garner, handsome owner of the exciting new restaurant around the corner, walks in, she discovers that the biggest risk will be falling in love.

Sing Me the Rain: An Eden Beach Main Street Novel

Sarah Barton’s dream of being the co-owner of a multi-million-dollar gemstone business in Eden Beach, California, has become a nightmare of slander and innuendo. She can run or stand and confront the shameful secrets in her past. Either way, she risks losing it all.

Eden Beach Crime Novels

Dangerous Visions: An Eden Beach Crime Novel

Stacie Cappella has never wanted the eerily accurate gift of Second Sight that has destroyed friendships and broken her heart. But as a nightmare stalks her, she must convince skeptical Eden Beach Police Detective Ben Robard that her gift is real, even if it loses her the one chance at love she thought she’d never have.